How To Make A Logo - Ultimate Guide For Logo Designing

What is the first thing you see when you look for or at a brand? Of course, it is the logo, and its importance is self-evident in how it is just fundamentally everywhere in digital marketing and advertising.

To create custom logos is not just a major part of how you design your entire brand , but can be a defining part of your business. It is crucial for your brand identity, and as such, knowing what to do to create a logo is necessary. In this blog, we at Logo Corps will present to you how you can make the best kind of logo for your business.

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A Detailed Discussion - Creating Appealing Logos That Captivate User’s Attention

So, if you’re looking around for compelling logo designing services , giving your brand a prominent digital identity then, you’re at the right path! Grab some cups of coffee, and fresh biscuits to enjoy reading this blog with fun & some munchies.

1. Being a Professional Logo Designer in USA – Understanding Logos

Business is all about customers. Find customers, keep customers, and repeat. It is a constant process that requires any business to adapt and adopt their strategy according to its customers.

What a logo does is give your company a face. It is the first impression of a business to a potential customer, as well as the primary method by which your customer relates to your business. For example, sure McDonald’s Big Macs are a famous offering, but their brand identity is reliant on the unique logo that it has, which is how most of its customers recognize the brand.

So, making your business look the best is critical for your marketers. To make sure it is done well, as a professional logo designer in the USA, you first understand why.

2. Creative Brand Design – Your Brand Identity

Each brand has an identity, a unique personality that it presents to its customers. A café, for example, needs an identity of relaxation and fun with friends, so that people get together and mingle, in line with the brand identity. This gives your customers a clear idea for what your business is, so that even your logo is enough to recognize what tone and personality your brand is going for.

To understand your brand identity, consider a few questions to answer yourself.

  • What is this business for?
  • What are our values?
  • What is our unique value proposition?
  • What describes our brand in three words?

These are not questions that are necessary to answer, but knowing the answer to these questions will certainly help in consolidating the right kind of brand identity and personality to create custom logos for business.

3. Create Custom Logos – Get the Right Ideas

The goal is not to just get ideas, but get the right ones. That means we need to follow a design process that scrutinizes the logo from all perspectives. Here, involving your entire brand team, your production department, your sales department, your prospective managers, and even your customers, can be crucial. Their involvement does not have to be direct, but as simple as putting yourself in their shoes and see how they see your logo.

Think of how your logo might look if you are the customer instead. Think of how you will pitch your business and its brand to a customer if you are a salesman. Think of how you will create something for your business and how it aligns with your logo. Both an inspiration, and subsequent ideas to improve on that inspiration can come from extended your horizons.

Have any questions? Ask our team at Logo Corps, a custom logo design agency in the USA!

4. Being a Professional Logo Designer – Always Look at the Competition

You might think that complete uniqueness is a good idea, and in some cases, it can be. However, the point of checking your competitors is to gauge the market. Chances are that your competitors are doing something wrong, yet still attaining customers. Chances are that they are doing everything right, and not getting any new sales or leads. Ask yourself why? Do the research on the existing market, and then proceed towards forming your brand image and logo.

Most of all, consider your own unique value proposition. What makes you unique? What is it that your business offers that others do not? Simply knowing these things can result in a much better logo without losing its uniqueness.

5. Choose a Style for Your Custom Logos for Business

All this was preliminary preparation for the actual logo creation. Now comes the practical application of it all.

The style of your logo feeds into your brand personality and identity. Is yours a luxury brand? Simplistic logos might not do, depending on your customer base. Take Apple, for example. Their entire brand focuses greatly on minimalism, because that is what makes their brand. However, luxury brands such as Rolex or Rolls Royce have to mix luxury, prestige, and fanciful visuals to give that luxury brand look and feel to their brand. The style you choose can be critical based on your brand personality and identity.

6. Custom Logo Design – Choose the Right Type of Logo

Besides style, there are also types of logos that you need to consider. Certain logo styles define your business, and certain styles don’t. Each has their own advantages and demerits, and they need to be considered when choosing a style.

Lettermarks, for example, abbreviate a business name, especially if it is a long one. Hewlett Packard is shortened to HP, or the apparel store Hennes & Mauritz is named H&M. These names do not make it clear what the business is about, which can be an issue with a smaller reach of potential clients, such as for small businesses.

Wordmarks are another type of logos. They are simple names, where the full company name is used as a Logo. For example, the company, Apple, has a separate name and an apple logo, but the company Google, has its name as its logo. Apple, Twitter, and Facebook are examples of pictorial marks, the next type of logo, which uses a name’s associated picture as its logo. Twitter, for example, shows a tweeting bird.

There are other types, such as abstract logos, mascots, combination marks, and emblems that you need to look at and see which suits your business and logo design best.

7. Become a Better Custom Logo Designer in USA - Choosing a Color

Color is critical. Every color is associated with a unique emotion, and something simple as changing color on something can tell a different story. Muted colors, such as gray and steel, are more viable for corporate businesses, such as law firms. Bright and bold colors are more suited for fun-type businesses, such McDonalds, Toys R Us, etc. Certain colors, such as purple or gold, can bring out the luxury in something. Sustainability-focused brands use green, as another example, and white is strongly associated with minimalism.

8. Become a Better Custom Logo Designer in USA - Logo Typography

Font is another critical aspect if your logo contains letters. Ideally, there are 4 basic fonts you can generally use, but there is no rule restricting you to these.

Serif fonts, as an example, are a classic example, and in being such, can give your logo a timeless look. Have an antique-focused business? Use serif, and bring out that classic elegance.

On the other end, Sans Serif is modern, sleek, and clean. They bring simplicity that the Serif fonts cannot have, as Sans Serif fonts do not have little feet at the bottom of the letters. Script fonts are exactly that, perfect for script. They make for more unique types of logos. They are especially useful for handwritten-type fonts, such as for nature-focused brands to give them a less ‘defined’ look.

Lastly are the display fonts, the stylized fonts that are designed to be appealing and full of flair. Creating something unique does not mean putting a simple font on an especially elegant and well-crafted logo, but to find out what works best together.

Take Away | Logo Designing Guide

This serves as the ultimate guide to making a logo in 2022. As mentioned, it is a long process that requires considerable premeditation and thought, as well as a large-scale collaboration of the entire business to be at its most effective. However, the involvement should not be direct, and the general focus should consider all options, but remain contained within the operations of the business itself.

Here, we present what one needs to do to create a logo in 2022. One of the most significant takeaways from this blog is that finding the right kind of style for your logo requires that you take into consideration the logotype, your customers, your brand identity, your font, your color, and merge it all into one, neat little package.

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