5 Creative Logo Designing Ideas For Your Business

If you’re a business owner, looking around for services through which you can give your brand an identity then you’re at the right place. You can look upto us for creating appealing logo designs, covering all of your business plans & making everything amazing and sleek. Having a sleek, orbust, and flawless business website is as important as having a creative logo that speaks for itself. If you’re a marketer, or a business owner then you definitely know the fact that people look around for logos first, like the color scheming & appealing elements then proceed with websites and internal pages.

No matter which industry you’re dealing with, ultimately you have to end up hiring a designer with creative insight for designing beautiful logos that work as a blueprint for your business. Many businesses make the mistakes of choosing the wrong logo design which they regret later, and end up revamping everything from top to bottom. In most cases, it’s the responsibility of the marketer along with the brand manager to look into the creative insights and come up with something unique.

In this blog, we’re going to discuss the top-notch state-of-the-art creative logo designing ideas for your brands.You will get to know a lot more about the designs itself, and give your own ideas an instant boost.

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Unique Logo Designing Ideas To Give Your Brand A New Identity

It’s easier to create a logo using a tool but the creativity element still relies on you. We usually draw conclusions, without doing any proper research but no worries, in this section we’ll pen down all the unique logo designing ideas for uplifting your brand online.

1. Research & Study The Industry Leaders First

Curiosity gives birth to research,and if you have the ability to research then, you can draw conclusions very quickly. Whether you know this or not, before starting with something unique & vibrant it’s important to first do market research and then come up with your own idea. A good designer is someone who first does market research, and understands what the industry leaders are doing to put forward their ideas, and come up with something different. The competition is fierce, and everyone is taking part in this digital race where they want to create something different from the existing brands.

The research plan is very simple;

  1. Search for the industry leaders first & explore their brands.
  2. Look up for the color theme they have chosen in their logo.
  3. Then, look into the design's internal elements & try to pick the unique elements.
  4. Connect with your designers and look around for some other variations.

Once you are done in performing all these steps, you are all good to start with your own logo designing ideas.

2. Complete Textual Logo Designs

Secondly, after research you have different variations of logos like textual, graphics, or only elements. If you choose textual then, there will be only text in the logo and it will explain about the business. Rightnow, different brand owners look for different ideas, and plans like some go with textual ideas while some go with graphics. Or even some prefer a perfect mix of text and graphics.

If I explain this in the language of designing, then, some go with icons, or text, or a complete mixture of both. If we take an example of Nike, then its logo has just a tick but the branding is done in a way that after seeing it, we get an idea which brand we’re talking about. Similarly, looking at other industry leaders like Amazon, Mcdonalds, we can only see a single alphabet M but it explains very well which brand they’re talking about. Branding services are also important which gives the logo a refined look.

3. Logo Colors & Palettes For A Minimal Look

If your logo has a mixture of two colors, or even three then those colors should compliment each other, and collide accordingly. There are two colors like primary and secondary with their own importance. Each color explains for itself, like Red means life & health, Black means power & Blue means technology. You will mostly see technology hubs using blue as their main color. So, choosing the right color which is a perfect mix of secondary and primary colors makes the difference.

Use the colors that make your logo stand out from the competitors. Behind every color there is a hidden message, and your audience perceives the image accordingly. So, before choosing any color for your logo whether it’s a single color with a touch of black touchpoints or a combination of two vibrant colors keep the message in mind. Your values and goals should be portrayed from the colors.

4. Logo Typography For Your Brand’s Logo

Similarly, there is another important thing that is logo typography. The same way, we give importance to colors, one should pay attention towards logo typography as well. A tagline or slogan will explain your logo, and if it doesn’t compliment your logo colors and designs then, there is no use of any colors or elements. If you wish to make a serious logo, then go for a formal font whereas, if your brand is a funky one then you can choose any font that works best with your brand.

Basically, typography is a specialized design in which the designer works in the layout and styling of the text for any medium. Moreover, logos are mostly simple with a touch of structuring giving it a sleek look. Creating clean, appealing, and unique logo designs is very important to better outreach the audience.

5. Feedback From Your Peers & Co-Workers

Do you think you can create anything unique without following the feedback of your peers? Your peers are actually serving as a third person for you, and they can give you an honest review of any work without any issues. However, if you rely on someone else outside the corporation then, they might not take interest or give an honest review. When you’re designing something, you are following your own roadmap and things seem fine until someone looks it up and creates their own explanations. We can never judge our work, instead, we should ask someone else or a third person to do the needful.

An honest review is very important for improvements, and we all should keep the windows for improvement opened. Once we’re done with research, color selection, logo text, and typography, the last and most important step is getting reviews before making anything live. Your audience will see it as a brand, and you have to look at your work with the same perspective. Harsh comments might feel a bit bad in the start, but in future, once you succeed in proceeding, you will be proud of your decision.

How do I get a logo designing idea?

You can get a logo designing idea by researching what is trending in the market, and how you can come up with something different from it. Many of us enter the market, without doing any research and pay for it later. So, instead of wasting time and effort it’s optimal to first follow the steps to get something unique and different.

How can I create my own logo?

If you don't have the budget to create your own logo, then first research some tools that are available online. There are different tools available online, which help individuals to play with the colors and create amazing logos for their brands. In the initial days of the business, the best way out is to choose any tool which is open-source and then, make the desired logo of your choice.

What are the seven steps for creating a logo?

Here we’re going to discuss the seven amazing steps of creating a logo for your brand.

  1. First make your brand identity
  2. Look out for design inspiration
  3. Choose the colors that reflects your values & offerings
  4. Pick a font style along with size
  5. Start with rough versions till you find a perfect one!
  6. Get honest feedbacks from your peers
  7. Polish your final logo & make it live

Can I use any tools for creating any logo?

Of course, it’s not obvious to always go for designers. There are various tools available online which will help you in creating logos of your choice. You can choose from those tools, and then get started with your unique brand offerings.

Wrapping Up | Logo Designing Ideas

As a pure marketer, and a content producer I would recommend to first do some market research and then start off with your logo designing. Without research,you can get yourself listed in the list of pioneers who’re standing first in the industry with their own unique styles and guides. I would definitely recommend reading some books on designing a logo, and the science of choosing the right color for your business logo. Always give your audience less whitespaces, and give them the best quality work so they can trust on you with blind eyes too! I hope we’re done with logo designing now. However, if you still have some questions in mind then, feel free to share in the comments section.

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