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Whiteboard animation service providers are in demand as more companies rely on this kind of (metaphorical) idea illustration. Logocorp’s rise to prominence as a premium provider of unique video content coincided with the meteoric rise in the popularity of whiteboard explainer videos.

Logocorp's artistic staff is skilled in simplifying complex ideas through whiteboard animation while holding the audience's attention. Our expert illustrators will render your complex ideas. We produce whiteboard videos that resonate with your niche market because we never lose sight of your marketing objectives. Working at a higher level is an added bonus.

The best whiteboard animation studio in the US

Every single person at Logocrops shares a common desire to be creative. We've been a go-to video production house for years because we stand behind every project's clarity. Our whiteboard production process is rigorous and results in high-quality videos every time, yet we never skimp on quality. We have the confidence of our customers, and our reviews show it. We've earned a reputation as one of the industry's top whiteboard animation studios thanks to our consistently delivering high work standards.

Logocorps' veteran artists are experts with all the necessary software and hardware. Our professionally-made animated explanation videos always impress viewers with their high production values. The customer-centric mission statement we operate on also contributes to the success of our videos. Making short videos is easy in business, but getting a provider who cares about your marketing goals is challenging. It is in this area that our whiteboard animation video services excel. Many skilled experts here can create a unique whiteboard video for you.

You are still the driving force behind everything. When you work with Logocorps, making a whiteboard animation won't cause you to go beyond costs. We provide the most affordable whiteboard video production services despite our high-quality results.

Logocorps also sees a lot of success with kinetic typography videos. We use kinetic typography to emphasize the points you want your audience to remember. Moving type is a way to get your point through and make it impossible to forget.

Logocorps recognizes that picking one whiteboard animation creation company out of a crowded field is difficult, but we're confident you'll be impressed with ours. Because we respect your time and input, we'll send you a personalized whiteboard video to ensure that both teams are on the same page. Don't hesitate to contact us if you find drab and uninteresting less appealing.

How We Go About Making Animated Whiteboard Films

Straightforward and Targeted

Professional whiteboard films are intended to convey a consistent and individual message, and they succeed. White and symbolic communication is frequently incoherent since it is the only form of expression.

Mother Nature

Our high-quality whiteboard animation may be used for everything from commercials to educational videos to geometric studies. No matter how detailed or severe, how long or short, the results of such videos are beyond the grasp of any given population. Whiteboard animations are adaptable enough to handle even the most complex of products.


Whiteboard animation is a fun way for customers to share their tales. The script for a whiteboard animation only has to link up the dots. Meaning is conveyed unambiguously.

Whiteboard films' simple, memorable scripts simplify even the most difficult concepts. It's a lighthearted approach to introducing your goods and services to potential customers. Our whiteboard animators will condense lengthy notes into concise bullet points, demonstrate products, and employ a tight script. Logocorps regularly produces doodle animation.


We understand that maintaining quality is as important as maintaining the design of a bag, and this is what makes us the best. With Logocorps you will have an experience like never before. Our workers listen closely to what you need and act and deliver results up to your marking. We take pride in having the latest technology to help in all ways. The technology gives out the finest bags that are longer in their run and sustainable.

How Do We Create These Whiteboard Videos?

Do you want a whiteboard animation for your company? Fortunately, you don't have to stress about it anymore because Logocorps can meet all your whiteboard animation requirements. To process a story at Logocorps, we first take an exciting script and turn it into graphics on a storyboard that resembles a whiteboard.

Ingenious whiteboard explanation videos are what our animators specialize in making for our customers. Logocorps' process for making a high-quality whiteboard explainer video entails five distinct processes, each of which is shown here.

Study and Draft

The journey back to our beginnings is the first step in the project. Our crew takes the time to learn about you and your intentions for the video.


It is common practice to create a preliminary draft of your video using a tool called a storyboard. Our expert artists can keep the narrative flowing smoothly thanks to the imperfect graphics they have to work with.

Initial Animation Concept

The seamless integration of text and visuals into our whiteboard videos is a service we regularly receive positive feedback on. You could now observe how your animations were coming together.


The animation process is complete at this point. An extra helping hand is added to complete the look once all the components have been polished and integrated.

Sound Engineering

Audio is an essential part of every video. The professional team will next add music and other sound effects to the video to complete the overall production.

The Difference That Makes Us Stand Out in Whiteboard Animation

Due to the dozens of businesses in the same industry, standing out online is crucial. Our commitment to excellence and timely completion of every project sets us apart. Our hard work as a team from the very first step to the very last one guarantees a 100% satisfaction rate among our clients.

We have provided our low-priced whiteboard animation and video services to a wide range of well-known companies all around the world, and they have all been pleased with the results. Our ultimate goal is to make entertaining videos for all of you.


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