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Top Enterprise Mobility Trends That Will Dominate in 2022

Since smartphones and other mobile devices became an everyday staple of our lives, they have become much more useful in bringing ease to our daily tasks as well. However, since they are all performed by individual applications and devices, managing all of them can be more than a bit of a challenge.

Enterprise Mobility is a growing trend that has been on the rise for a while, but ever since the 2020 pandemic, has quickly become the norm. An online interview would previously be viable, but it would be out of the ordinary. However, now such things have become commonplace, and corporations and individuals both require more and more remote options.

To such an extent, companies are always looking for ways to improve, and 2022 has some great things on the horizon.

What is Enterprise Mobility?

Enterprise simply refers to a business or company’s ability to work remotely. Any job that can be done remotely or from home is increasingly getting attention from people who want to save on gas money and other amenities where they usually spend more than they need to. That is where enterprise mobility comes in.

Enterprise mobility solutions allow for companies to have people working in their ideal environments, which can raise productivity, save on time spent commuting, and gas money, allow for saving on office rental spaces, allow employees to be happier by spending more time with family and friends, as well as offer new and unique opportunities to individuals worldwide instead of limited to the pool of candidates in the city or region.

But why do EM and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions matter so much in 2022?

The Technological Standard is Increasing

With more and more companies propping up to upset the titans of industry, there has never been more competition within the technological sector. From smartphones and gadgets to laptops, wearables, software, and more; growing EMM trends and solutions have pushed the tech sector to raise its technological standards.

Computers are getting faster and cheaper. The same goes for internet connections, smartphones, wearables, handheld devices, software, and more. All these things ultimately give the individual more and more options to ply their trade at home, giving recruiters and companies the option to allow those employees to work from home as well.

That being said, here are just a few of the trends that are only going to get more and more popular with remote working and Enterprise Mobility Management solutions in 2022.

The BYOD or Bring Your Own Device System

As stated before, the rise in technological competition has put powerful devices in the hands of even average consumers who may not know much about the hardware that they purchase. Most people that work in the business sector own a personal laptop or a MacBook that is usually powerful enough to allow them to use it for work purposes as well.

This makes the BYOD model especially appealing for tech companies that have employees doing basic work, such as coding, blogging, and other aspects that may not need especially powerful hardware. It allows more and more people with these enterprise mobility devices to work without a corporate issued device.

While older EMM solutions might have required corporations to have their IT department check and configure each device, that has changed in recent years with HRM portals. In most cases, companies don’t have to configure devices themselves but use Human Resource Management (HRM) portals to manage employee time and work performance remotely.

This keeps security threats at a minimum while still retaining the ‘personalization’ of the employees’ device, as handling sensitive data requires companies to soft-lock most devices from personalization, disable USBs, and more; which are security features that nobody wants in their personal device.

Software to Compliment BYOD Solutions

Of course, these HRM portals are almost always made and maintained in-house, which means companies have to have an IT department dedicated to handling and managing these portals. Not only are they integral to company human resource management—hence the name—but they can also allow for employee performance and time management, especially if that employee requires it.

Most companies and managers prefer employees that are self-managed, but for those who are in training, these enterprise mobility features can be especially useful. There are also the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) portals, that can remove the need to configure devices for file storage and transfer when sensitive data is handled.

These portals can implement cloud storage, IP address whitelisting, and other security features so that remote work still does not pose data theft risks and add to problems in employee management, which are two of the most common problems with EMM solutions.

The Implementation of 5G Networks and Wi-Fi 6

Some trends in Enterprise Mobility still need plenty of time to find their ground, so they might not become the juggernaut for remote work that 2022 promises for most other aspects. Still, they require a mention.

6G is already being talked about, and 5G is not even mainstream yet. That is just another testament to the growing technological progress that we have been making.

Still, 5G is a huge leap from 4G and regular optic fiber gigabit connections that we know of, simply because of how 5G can change the remote working landscape. While LAN and Ethernet connection is still the faster option, 5G is the fastest wireless technology to date, which means that it is integral for companies to adopt, as well as to adapt their infrastructure.

That is because 5G enables faster and better connectivity, lower latency, faster and increased data rates, as well as lower energy costs. This can allow larger files to be transferred, especially if a company has invested in cloud storage that is also accessible to remote workers.

Now pair a faster wireless connection with faster Wi-Fi, and you bring faster, less energy-consuming, and one can only take advantage of these added benefits to an already fast-changing technological landscape. As video resolutions increase, content creation and other jobs require more storage and deal with larger files, necessitating the 5G rates that they bring.

It is necessary for both communication and Enterprise Mobility solutions, especially since the usage of the internet is becoming necessary across almost every one of these solutions as aspects such as machine learning get more and more popular as well.

2022 seems to be the year that 5G gains more and more adoption, especially since companies like Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, and other popular smartphone brands and bringing more and more 5G-ready devices that promise 90% less power consumption compared to 4G, 1ms latency, 10 GBPS data rates, and an overall better online experience. With the added adoption of 5G in both flagship and high to mid-range smartphones, this year will be the one that changes things for the better

AI-Based Chatbots, VAs, and More

Virtual Assistants (VAs) and Chatbots are nothing new. However, most chatbots and VA have AI implementation, which goes through a process called machine learning. These allow the AI to improve upon itself simply by existing, because learning takes time, and machine learning improves both the AI and the process of learning through time.

AI is one of the most important EMM trends, especially since we are only seeing a fraction of its capability in action. One of these capabilities to be put to use is in automating employee management, customer service, voice assistance, and other aspects to bring something new to the office environment or even serve as personal digital assistants.

These virtual helpers are not just for B2B interactions but are a fundamental part of Enterprise Mobility solutions as they can only improve at this stage.

With more and more homes having Alexa devices, Siri on their smartphones, as well as Google Home speakers always connected, it is more likely that working from home will have employees utilize their virtual helpers in their work life as well.

Wearable Devices and Gadgets

Smartphones are already compact computers that are millions of times more powerful than the ones that send astronauts to the moon. Now, even a charger that you use to charge your phone over USB-C has more computing power in its small PCB than the best of the best of devices used back in the day.

Wearables, however, are even more compact, and while they are not on the level of smartphones, they are only increasing in their capability, productivity potential, security, and more.

Wearables are new to the Enterprise Mobility space, but with more and more people wearing smart watches, smart bands, and more, they are set to be implemented within B2B practices in enterprise mobility.

From the Apple watches to the Fitbits and smart bands; everything has features that allow for implementation within business operations. They are a way to garner instant feedback to better manage employee workload, productivity, and day-to-day activities.

Hybrid Cloud Technologies

They are already becoming popular and could hit their peak in 2022.

Hybrid Cloud technology utilizes computing, storage, and services in a combined environment to allow for entire infrastructures to be available remotely. Services such as the Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure are two of the most popular examples of such hybrid cloud technologies.

Hybrid cloud technologies are the kind of enterprise mobility management solution that support the remote workforce, allow for swift adaptability, support agile methodologies, and are best used for companies that quickly scale in scope and data.

In other words, this is the foundational system for cloud storage, remote work, CRMs, HRMs, and other enterprise mobility solutions.

Conclusion | Top Enterprises Dominating the Industries

Enterprise mobility and remote work have become synonymous with each other, and with workers looking for remote opportunities, 2022 is only going to see it balloon in popularity. With rising gas prices and other cost increases, technologically-focused implementations are set to become the next big thing and the most common way for companies to bring work and life balance to their employees.

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