Tips & Tricks For Creating Memorable Logo Design For Your Brand

A logo is a symbol to denote your company, your business, your corporation, or your brand. It is meant to be recognizable, relatable, and a logo that is simple enough that it can be instantly thought of with its associated product. It can also be similar to its associated product in its design as well.

Of course, these are all considerations that have been known to create some great logos, and still hold up today. However, creating a memorable logo in the current competitive world is less about the logo itself and more about amalgamating it with the bigger picture. In that sense, this blog will take you through the various ways in which you can create the most memorable logo designs for your company with these expert-driven tips and tricks.

Creating a Memorable Logo Designs – How to create a Memorable logo

We all know what a logo is, a graphical representation symbolizing brands and the like, but what about what makes a logo memorable? Yes, we have seen some absolutely unforgettable and instantly recognizable over the years. There are some companies, such as Google or Samsung, that do not factor into this club, simply because their name is their logo. While the names are recognizable, they do not have the logo simplicity to be able to do the same as Apple, Facebook, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Nike, Pepsi, etc.

Take these above examples. They are a simple design. Apple’s logo is an apple with a small bite-like cut-out. Facebook has a small-case letter. McDonald’s is a stylish letter, and Nike is a tick mark. Coca-Cola is probably one of the few brands whose logo is both complex and simple, yet instantly recognizable all the same. Still, these designs are simple first and foremost, and that is the first thing that often makes a logo memorable.

It is Not Just About Simplicity

But, of course, simplicity does not guarantee global recognition. Simplicity is just to draw that attention and allow your logo to be memorable, but what truly makes a simple logo great is the brand behind it. Therefore, it makes sense to make your brand one of the most crucial aspects of a memorable logo design.

Design Your Logo Around Your Brand

Starting out with your logo design without a few ideas already in your head can only lead to something good with heaps of good luck and fortune. You need that idea behind your vision to make your journey to creating the best, most memorable logo designs a worthwhile one.

The logo acts as the face of the company or the brand you are creating the logo for. It is the introduction of the brand to the public, to its consumers, to the advertisers, etc. That means that the logo has to consider both the brand and the brand’s target audience. The brand could also already have been around for a while, and you are looking for a redesign rather than starting from scratch. Brand history also plays a role in logo creation.

Then, it matters whether or not competition has played a part, and there is always competition. Sure, creativity should come without taking inspiration from the competition, but this is research-level consideration rather than looking for inspiration because you can find some interesting insights. There is a reason your competitor is not using a simple design or going the route of simple, boring colors over brighter ones. Maybe they are doing something wrong you can capitalize on, or something right you can truly learn from.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Considering the competition also gives you an understanding of what the market looks like for your kind of business or brand. That means if competitors are all going a certain route, you have an opportunity to go the other way and try something unique and memorable in the most earnest way possible. You don’t always have to be subtle with how you are different.

Of course, going the iconic route could work for you, but try to create something new. Go asymmetrical, create a chaotic image, focus only on design symmetry, or throw it out the window. No matter how many restrictions you have, you can unleash your creativity in however a small space is presented to you. Create something quirky, break the conventional rules, and catch the eye like never before.

People have already seen Apple’s and Facebook logos now. Maybe simplicity is not the end-all-be-all, but rather the very thing to stay away from. Now, with the generations changing, people also look towards brighter, better futures, so why not put that foundation into your logos.

Go Colorful To Induce Creativity

You are not being told to pick the correct colors for a memorable logo design, but the right ones. If your goal in creating a memorable logo is to make your audience feel something, pick a design and a color that are opposites, or match together. Colors help grab attention and give your logo something else entirely depending on the color or colors you pick.

Of course, picking your color means you also have to consider your brand. Green means nature for some, eco-friendliness to others, and even the color of sickness if your brand has a focus on healthcare. Blue can be the color of sadness or the color of health. The brand’s context matters in picking the right color, but the end goal is to evoke emotion and reaction.

There is also the brand image you want to project with the color. Sophistication means muted colors, while kid-friendliness or genuine excitement means bright colors. Certain colors give the feeling of luxury and royalty, such as purple and gold, whereas black and grey are authoritative colors.

Choosing the Logotype

This is one of the expert-driven tips on creating a memorable logo design that is more about ticking the right boxes and finding creativity within them, rather than looking for creativity from the outset. It comes in the way of picking the right logotype. That means choosing between a letter mark, wordmark, abstract, mascot, emblem, combination, etc. These are all logotypes, but don’t look at them as template presets that limit you, but rather something that gives you different creative opportunities.

For example, a mascot logo gives you the opportunity to either use your mascot or create one. An abstract logo really lets you have fun with it, and even makes a semi-abstract design that does remain memorable, such as the Pepsi logo. A combination mark is, of course, a combination of two types of logos, so you can truly unleash your creative potential there.

There are several to choose from, and almost all of them have their own constraints and freedoms. It is best to consider them when choosing a logotype.

Go with Something That Lasts

Most designers look at trends and follow them. That could work, but that is for short-term success. You could instead go the other route and create something that lasts, or may even be timeless. Constantly having to redesign a logo might give you opportunities to change things up, but a timeless logo is ultimately the most desirable one for a brand.

The power of a brand can propel a company or companies forward. When a trend is over, rebranding also means that people will no longer be able to recognize your old logo. That could also mean losing potential customers, as the power of the logo is significant as well.

Scalability and Technicalities of Logo Design

Chances are you are designing your logo on a computer screen where the size is constant. Meaning that you only look at it from one perspective. Scalability means that should your logo reach a billboard; it could look entirely different, simply because of its size.

Could be that the logo cannot be discernable on a small piece of paper, or the product where it has to go. This is why knowing the brand is so important, and testing on the product beforehand is, too.

Feedback Keeps You Thinking

The last expert advice is to, quite simply, gather some criticism. Your first design might not work out, and your tenth might not either. That does not mean that you have to stop trying. Some of the best logos have been made after the fact.

So, consider the feedback, consider the criticism, learn from it, and keep going. After all, creating a memorable logo design is a journey.


There is more to creating a memorable logo design for your business than simplicity. Other factors, such as scalability, type, color, competition, and even the brand itself are critical. That is why before creating a memorable logo, it is best to focus on creating the best logo design first, and making it memorable from there! I hope you’re all clear with the sleek, flawless logo designing process. However, if you get any questions in mind feel free to share in the comments section.

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