Use These Tips to Make Your Own Logo Design

Even if you are not a designer, it is important to understand what makes a logo design effective. Whether you are part of a large company or a small and up-and-coming business, designing a logo can be a process that varies across industries, business sectors, organization size, product, services, and more.

At first glance, designing a logo might look quite simple. But, as it is with most things in life, looks can be deceiving, and things are rarely as they seem—or in this case, as easy as they seem. When it comes to a logo design in general, it is not about taking a few shapes, slapping some colors on it, and calling it a day. There is quite a lot more to it.

That being said, we at LogoCorps can help you get your logo design to be more effective using some of our tips.

Five Essential Tips in Your Logo Design

There are two things to note that are essential preliminary knowledge before we dive into the five tips to help you designing your own logo. First is that in a logo design, planning and strategy have to be implemented. You cannot make things up as you go along. If there is an idea, it has to be drawn in a concept and considered before it ever even gets approved to be made. After all, your logo design is supposed to represent your business, and can be plastered on merchandise and product offerings.

The second factor is that your logo is more than the sum of its parts. When you design a logo, you are making more than that. You are contributing to the brand, a visual representation of everything that brand stands for, and a way to convey the brand message as well.

In a logo design, there are, however, five logo-specific tips that can help you greatly.

  • Research the Market
  • Research the Competition
  • Design the Concept
  • Consider Your Target Market
  • Keep it Simple.

Research the Market for Your Logo Design

Before we get into even conceptualizing the logo design, we first have to consider what is the current landscape. Could be that in several other industry sectors from your own, retro logo designs are really preferred by the general populace right now. Perhaps that market is in your sector, too, or perhaps not. Just because something is popular, does not mean you should adopt it. Nevertheless, knowing it is better than its counterpart, because at least it gives you an indication of what to do.

This step is all about understanding trends, long-standing and long-lasting logo designs, how logo and brands are synergized, and how the brand message is conveyed through the logo design. It can be easy to miss out on a lucrative logo design by thinking that trends aren’t worth chasing. Who knows? Maybe one is particularly great for your specific brand.

Research the Competition For Your Logo Design

This is one of the most crucial steps that many think is wholly unnecessary. Why? Because there is an assumption that creativity get stifled and you back yourself into a corner.

When it comes to a logo design, there are often creative limits that get imposed that one might think stifle your creativity.

However, creativity is also a thing that can truly shine when it is limited, in logo design and many other areas. If you are given a blank canvas and no limitations, you might come up with something great. However, on a limited budget, a restricted set of rules, and a few restraints, you have no choice but to innovate. This is not a bad thing either, as this is where creativity really shines.

Here, there are not just great ideas, but extraordinary ones. You take what is being offered, and create something both familiar and wholeheartedly game changing. After all, you can only change the game if you know what the game is.

Get Your Logo Design Underway

Finally! You might think, that now you actually get to your logo design so you can truly unleash your creative spirit.

Well, hold your horses. A logo isn’t made digitally just like that. There have to be concepts drawn first, rough sketches that give you—or a client you are making the logo for, an idea of what the final product will look like. Because it can be a lot of work to make the logo itself, conceptual artistry is crucial.

A rough sketch can be as simple as drawing logo concepts on a piece of paper by hand, or using computer tools to design a few concepts.

Moreover, it is also important to note that you should not get stuck up on one design. Revisions and revamps are a norm in logo design, so you might have to take your logo design through multiple changes.

Chances are everything works perfectly, but you just didn’t get it approved. These things happen, so always keep your work a little less close to your heart!

Consider Your Brand’s Target Market

Yes, the brand is always necessary to consider in the logo design, but the niche it is targeting is even more so. For example, if you are creating a logo for a restaurant, you have to understand what that restaurant offers.

For one, is it a brand to begin with, or a more general restaurant? The food items on order, the menu, the outdoor and dining options, the takeout options, the delivery options, the kind of food, the quality of it, the location where it is based; all these things come into consideration.

A neon pink logo might not fit a fast-food restaurant, for example. However, if it was a café of sorts that had colorful drinks to fit that specific neon, noir look, then that is the logo design you should go for. It is all about how you apply the limited creative directions you are given.

Keep Your Logo Design Simple

No, you don’t need to put overly stylish fonts and intricately detailed art in your logo to make it ‘look better.’ Simplicity can sometimes be all you need. Of course, the brand itself matters here just as much, but even so, keeping it simple can be helpful.

Even looking at some of the most popular logos, they are not just simple, but easy to remember as well. There are moderately detailed examples as well that follow simple design philosophies. The Coca Cola logo, for example, has a detailed, stylish font but with a simple bright red background. The Apple logo is a simple apple with a stem and a bite. The Google logo is the name itself, and Amazon’s logo looks like a smiley face. These are all logo designs that make it easier for them to be brands, all done by a simple design structure.


There is no need to think of your logo design as something that requires mountains of work. However, it is not a walk in the park either. Here at LogoCorps, we are dedicated to providing you with the ways to make your design decisions easier by either offering our services, or giving you the knowledge and know-how to create it on your own, and do it the best way possible.

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