How Our Custom Logo Design Company Gives Your Logo a Turn Into the Unique

When creating a character, there are limits to how much you can give them different qualities. Faces will always have eyes, ears, a mouth, etc. You can create uniqueness among them using subtle variances in those features. A mole, crooked noses, cheekbones, eye width, and depth–these different aspects don’t seem like a significant change, but can still stand out.

Even if not the face, you can still make other changes. Human characters are similar in their limbs, bodies, and structure, so a custom logo design company like ours tasked with creating some distinction would give them different clothes, tattoos, and other qualities that would add to their uniqueness.

That is what we are good at, and that is why we love to create logos that incorporate truly unique aspects and give us a challenge to think on our feet.

Working with Bespoke Concepts

When talking about something ‘bespoke,’ some might not understand what it means in this context. Bespoke isn’t just new in the perspective of time but also in its design. For example, if you want to digitize logo for embroidery online, you don’t look for standard template-based concepts but create an entirely new logo with an entirely new approach. After all, having a logo embroidered using the same standard design might not have the same effect as creating a logo specifically for embroidery, from its technical aspects to the more creative ones.

This kind of truly ‘bespoke’ approach doesn’t come often, but they are the lifeblood of our designers and artists.

We thrive on the challenge of turning a new idea into a logo concept worth the tens or even hundreds of hours spent changing, tweaking, and revising it.

But working with these concepts is difficult, not as much for us, but more so for our clients. Someone seeking design services might not want to spend dozens of hours discussing it with the people they hired. Sometimes, ten or so minutes of discussion would suffice.

However, every once in a while, we get a project that blows any other idea out of the water, and in those projects, we give it our all!

Challenge Brings Creativity

One common trope among creative artists is that they are not free to work on what they make, whether it is the lack of time, resources, or the freedom to incorporate their own creativity. However, some of the more experienced artists will have learned that restricting something to a certain limit forces us to think differently and truly bring something new to the table to progress.

To be clear, doing this all the time isn’t a good thing, but doing it occasionally can become a cathartic process. It gives an artist confidence in their work as they understand that their creative vision can exist regardless of the restrictions placed on them. It opens their mind to new ideas and lets them think openly–which might sound almost contradictory, but it works!

You will lack perspective if you are given the world and a blank canvas. The best ideas, for example, come to us when we get to work thinking of our ideas out loud. We have cultivated teams that can bounce ideas off each other, each team member adding to it and bringing something new, or iterating on the concept further.

All of that helps you, the client, the user, and the business owner, get a better, bespoke logo that is both unique and catchy, never seen before, and instantly recognizable, all at the same time.

A Diverse Hub of Ideas

We all know that hiring domestic talent to work on a domestic brand is the way to go, but that doesn’t mean it's the only way to go. More often than not, our focus tends to be to create a whirlpool of ideas, where we gather all the inputs of our team members. Each of our team members has something unique about them, from their origin to their present standing.

But what’s truly diverse is that they come from all over the world. We don’t just offer our logo design services in USA, but it is the diverse hub of ideas that brings the best ideas from around the world to our clients.

Someone outside the US, even in a fundamentally similar culture, might have significantly different ideas, and they might bring something bespoke in the initial idea itself, so much so that it gives us an entirely new perspective.

That added perspective is where great ideas can stem from, too. It’s not just restriction but also expanding your way of thinking without removing the boundaries entirely that helps with creativity.

How Your Creative Vision Is Realized

The idea is just the initial stage, the concept, but what about the final product? How does a custom logo design company like ours keep up with the constant flow of new projects and logos that need to be made?

The answer would be to simply say, “balance,” but that is not enough of an explanation if it is one at all. The truth is that even the most creative person in the world, to whom billion-dollar ideas are as natural as breathing, cannot do it consistently. Everyone needs to filter their ideas, and there might be a hundred approaches they tried before they landed on one that works.

But how do we achieve this balance? Is there a design secret we know? Are our designers just that talented?

To the latter, we would say yes, because why wouldn’t we, but that isn’t all there is to it. At LogoCorps, we have plenty of talent and skill within the walls of our offices and those working from home. However, one of the keys is to keep a consistent structure. Our team can keep cohesion in their work by operating in a single, unified structure. But that doesn’t mean creativity suffers. We have designed our entire work process to make the flow of creativity as easy as possible.

A Different Kind of Agile

There is an idea that if you are a writer, you must ‘kill your darlings,’ if that darling piece of work you have poured your heart and soul into is entirely unnecessary to what you’re working on. A similar concept applies here, but only in part,

Essentially, we put the idea and the direction to approach it at the beginning of the project. That ensures that whatever direction we take, we take it based on what has been decided. In this stage, both you as the client and our teams and visualizers have all chimed in and given their two cents.

There is also a type of agile methodology adopted in our design approach. Almost every stage of the project welcomes changes and new ideas, and keeping a uniform process helps us backtrack and ensure nothing of the legacy design concepts are left. If you want your color theme to change halfway down the line, you can because our design direction accounts for these sudden changes.

That means you can go through fifty design concepts before deciding on a single idea and still change it further. It is mostly preferred in any design project that the number of changes is as few as possible, but our unique approach helps us keep the best of both worlds. All the while, creativity remains, and the changing flux isn’t disruptive to our work.

We could talk all day about how we use this kind of design and give tips on how you can make your logo a certain way to showcase our expertise, and we will, but not here. We don’t want to show that we can but to give you some insight and help you understand the process from a perspective that isn’t often provided.

The Final Product & Keeping It Unique

Alright, you have the logo, and its great and bespoke. However, chances are that the design gets copied by someone, and before you know it, is is an industry trend, and you need innovation to knock on your doors once again. What do you do then?

Well, you could still keep that design, as many do, proudly displaying it as the one that started it all, but it's not necessary. The pragmatic among us will say that you can simply hire us or any other custom logo design company once again, but how about a different approach?

If you lack the technical skill, you can still hire a design agency, but why not give the concept part a go yourself? Not just provide reactive feedback but actively provide directions. Maybe you understand your company more now, or maybe you need a new vision, to name a few reasons.

Even if that doesn’t take your fancy, you could simply give us the reins once again, and maybe we will bring innovation along with us, even if it is subtle and simple because that is what true change is–subtle and simple. Perhaps that is a moniker we will take on, too, because, as we’ve mentioned, we get those kinds of projects more often than not already!

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