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Logo digitizing services for hat embroidery and cap embroidery are in high demand due to their uniqueness and specialization. Expert and experienced digitizers are needed to ensure that stitches are perfectly positioned and that the final product is refined, as the tiniest error in digitization can necessitate a complete redo of the project. If you're looking for a high-quality, dependable cap digitizing service, or custom embroidered hats look no further Logocorps is your stop.

Logo formation is not the end of the process, rather it is the beginning of a new journey towards digitizing for maximum use. With us, you are surrounded by experts who undoubtedly hold the best techniques to do everything rightly.

Structured Cap and Hat Digitizing

Caps with six panels are known as "structured" hats or caps. However, if you're interested in seeing the best cap embroidery, just ask one of our customer service representatives.

In order to properly digitize structured hats and caps, it is necessary to start from the bottom and work your way up. Based on the digitization process, this technique is also referred to as a center out technique.

Merchandize your logos and create top-quality products with the finest stitches for the best custom embroidered hats and caps. We are your technical and creative boat through the storm of competition.

Unstructured Caps and Hat Digitizing

Unstructured caps and hats are those that have five panels. Digitization of unstructured caps and hats does not necessitate the use of a center-out technique because the frame perfectly fits the frame. Since these caps and hats have a softer fabric, hat and cap digitizing Services requires more care and attention.

With our company, you will find this embroidery caps and hats online service to help you take a step forward. The experts work perfectly with structured and unstructured caps and hats digitizing to bring top-notch quality results.


How do you digitize the caps?

How experts use methods that work for the precise needs of your logo. We work closely with your design, colors, and styles.

How much does it cost to get a Cap and Hat digitized?

It is subjective to the complexity of your design and the work that a designer has to put in.

What kind of software is used?

We use top world-class software that are reputed in the industry. Everything is promisingly up to date and gives the perfect outcome.

How fast can you deliver?

We take a few days depending upon how much work you need. Urgent tasks are welcomed as much as anything else.

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