Things You Absolutely Need for Your Corporate Business Card

Business cards have been around for a long time, so one can be safe in assuming that the basics have been jotted down by the prospective professionals that work in corporate environments requiring such business cards.

Luckily, we were able to ask some executive-level employees (and even those working as employers) as well as some floor managers what were the basic elements of a corporate business card. Based on the answers, we have come across a few minimal things you need for your business card to be effective, as well as some added honorable mentions that would truly take it above and beyond the basics and into truly professional territory.

Starting out with the Basics For Building An Elite Corporate Business Cards

The basics of a corporate business card are about what it will contain. These elements can depend on the type of business your corporation or the corporation you are part of does. For example, if you are a lawyer, your business card will have the name of your firm. However, your name and number are far more important as you are the attorney people want to be in contact with. Despite that, the name of the firm could be indicative of your professional adequacy or even skill level.

That means the first and most basic element of your business card is YOU.

That means your name and number have to go on the business card, always. It is a basic element that you absolutely need. The number on the business card also has to be one that is either dedicated for your professional use, or one that you are available on at all times or during work hours. Depending on your work policy you might switch off your work phone after work hours, meaning that you are only available at a certain time during the day. Making this clear on your corporate business card could be necessary too.

As an example, here are your business card details.
Name: John Doe
Number: 000-111-2222 (Available 9-5)

Some Insight on Your Corporation Branding

Along with your name comes the next most important bit, and that is your corporation. Where you work can often define your work, even if your actual expertise surpasses the perceived quality of where you work. Still, it is necessary that you include your company’s logo and name on your business card.

In certain cases, it might be necessary to include the brick and mortar physical location and address of your business as well, but with the advent of an increasingly decentralized business model that is quickly moving away from having one single central office, the address is necessary in a case by case basis, and, therefore, cannot be considered a basic necessity for your corporate business card.

It is also important that your organization’s name comes before your own, or the other way around, depending on your personal brand and your business card design.
John & Doe Partners, LLC.
John Doe
000-111-2222 (Available 9-5)

Your Online Profile Matters a Lot More Now

Of course, with the changing times, there is also the consideration that simply providing your name and number might not be enough to get others to contact you. In an increasingly social media-centric world, people tend to rely more on internet-based calls and messaging services, meaning that your phone number is not enough. Not only do you need your email, but you might also possibly need your social media handles and usernames to be made available on your business card.

That also means that you need your social media profiles to reflect that professionalism that your organization and your work demand. This is your professional social media contact profile, not your personal one, although you also might need to keep up appearances there.

In some cases, having the website might be necessary, too. People look for businesses online before they call them, and have the ability to find out about them beforehand. That means the online profile of yourself and your business/corporation matters now more than ever.

Keeping up a Flawless Appearances

Speaking of ensuring that you have a professional look online, the most overlooked part of a business card can easily be the most important, and that is the actual design of that business card. Having the right corporate business card design is something that is not often considered to be necessary, but should be regarded as a basic element of making a business card, simply because it is so important in the long run.

Of course, a design means more than just choosing the color of the card and the text that goes in it. The font matters as well. Choosing a wacky, stylish font is not suited for corporate businesses, and even going the route of professionalism requires that you have clarity in design.

That is not to say you cannot do something unique with it. For example, if you run or work at some highly exclusive establishment, such as at a classy restaurant that is often visited by VIPs. You might want your business card to reflect that, and stand out among the crowd.

Dark backgrounds with gold text are often regarded as designs that match that exclusivity, and having a minimalistic style in terms of information adds to it. At certain times, the minimal information can be contrasted with moderate to maximum flair as well, which brings a nice balance to the overall design. Emphasizing your personal brand can also be done by having your name in a larger font, indicating that you are more valuable as an individual rather than simply another worker at another firm.

Conclusion | Corporate Business Card

Your corporate business card has tons of elements that you can add to it, but it is necessary to consider the circumstantial elements that might modify those requirements. Moreover, there are some overlooked aspects of contemporary business card design that could take it to the next level without putting too much of anything in it, and keeping it simple. However, if you still get some questions in mind related to any of the topics, then feel free to share them in the comments section. Our utmost work is to come up with unique topics that rotates all-around your business giving you a sleek brand identity.

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