How To Design Appealing Book Covers That Entices Audience

Do you know, reading a book is relatively easy, but when it comes to writing a book, the task is way beyond what we think of! Before writing a book, it's essential first to understand how to design a book cover because if your book doesn't have an appealing cover, how can you expect the audience to purchase & read it. Writing, creating, and compiling everything requires a creative mindset, and writers have to think way ahead to keep things smooth & easy to go. Whenever a reader chooses to read any book, they first see the front page, and if the topic alone seems appealing, they agree to read further.

Readers shop with their eyes first, and if things seem perfect to them, they take the responsibility of spending money on it. Different things make the book an ideal piece to read, and book worms are seen holding bulks of books for the sake of context. With the perfect blend of colors, and layout keeping things minimal, the book finally gets towards a position where everything complements each other - it becomes an ideal piece to read with a cup of coffee.

In this blog, we're going to dive deep into the designing process of a book cover to see how we can create book covers that entice the audience's attention in a single glance.

So, are you ready? Let's get started.
Listen, before jumping to the main topic, let's first look at some of the questions you should answer before starting with the designing phase.

A Quick Q/A Session Before Starting With Book Cover Designing

If we answer these questions, it's easier for us to design book covers and build a solid customer base.

Why are you writing this book?

It's essential first to know the reason behind writing the book, like why we are writing the book and its purpose? Without a goal, the book is meaningless. Using rich grammar and giving the readers a feel of the novel is the perfect approach.

Who is the author of the book?

The next thing is knowing the author who will be writing the book and connecting with the target audience's minds.

What is the genre of the book?

A book's topic is diverse, like fiction, non-fiction, or mystery. Having a clear idea about the genre helps design the book cover for the book.

What is your target audience?

The people, the niche, or the segment of the audience you're targeting is another important field the person should know to reconnect with the audience and create better results.

Dive Deep Into The Steps For Creating Attractive Book Covers

Now that we're clear with the primary few questions, we can now get started with the discussion of designing a book cover for the audience.

1. Research & See What Competitors Are Doing

A book has two significant layouts: the front and backside connected with a spine. A book's pages are then glued with the paper cover and cut to size. But you know, what's more important than doing this? It's researching the competitors and analyzing the difference between your idea and the competitors who've already published their book. Curiosity is the mother of research, and the person who is curious about learning new things will excel professionally.

With extensive research, you will be able to draft an idea like what has to be done and how you can design a sleek and flawless book cover.

2. Decide A Design Direction

The second important thing is, choosing a direction for designing a book cover and connecting with your audience. There are a lot of books available in the market, designed and printed by different people, but one thing is rare; Creativity. You can visit a nearby Pinterest store and see what other publishers are doing in their books.

The minor things to observe are;

  1. Thickness of paper
  2. Color scheme
  3. Number of pages
  4. Title
  5. Material Selection

Once you succeed in performing this activity, and deciding which one is the best one for you then, definitely you've aced the task!

3. Choose Colors, Fonts, and Graphics To Design A Book Cover

Third, as a designer, we have the most important element to decide. The criteria to select a color theme, font size, and graphics to design a book cover that appeals to the audience. Writers are responsible for writing creative content to read more pages. However, the designer has to create impressive book covers that make them purchase and read the book. First, imagine which color will look best for the cover because you must follow that color theme throughout the booklet. The Creativity of the book design relies on three things;

  1. Color Selection
  2. Font Styles
  3. Font Size
  4. Graphics

The thing you should do first is, consider what message the graphic design you are conveying to the people buying the book. For instance, the picture of Chicago can be used on a book cover that is all about fairytales. Understanding the basics and context is critical before designing the graphics for your book.

Moreover, ensure the pictures don't have any copyright issues because this might later raise issues. So, think carefully about the sources from where you're selecting the images. Keep it unique and different from the existing designs giving the readers a reason to read and purchase. And when we talk about colors, your book should be a perfect fusion of primary & secondary colors giving it a lively look & feel. Don't forget to read and understand the science of colors to choose the best combination.

4. Seek Feedbacks From Your Peers

Sometimes, a good book design is not good in the eyes of others. The example is similar to writing like if you write something, you definitely will not figure out any error. However, if we talk about others, they will give you an honest opinion - a third-person perspective. The more eyes that design will get, the more confident you will be in your plans. Start from your judgment, and then ask your peers sitting next to give honest feedback. In this way, you will get an idea of what people like and what else you can add to your design.

And yes, you might feel a bit demotivated if someone doesn't like the design you've created. Some portions will remain the same, but you need to seek assistance from others to improve it in some parts. There is always a space for improvement to excel yourself and improve your skill sets.

5. Curate & Cross Check Before Publishing Anything

You won’t get a choice, when you have published a book to do any changes. And once people like reading your book, you can make changes if any. So, the best out is to do a complete QA of the designs before getting it published from the designers to ensure everything is upto the mark. Always keep yourself on a safe side, where you have less chance of errors.

Pro Tip For Visualizing Ideas Into Graphics

Enjoyed reading the blog? Of course, you should! But there is one pro tip which I would like to give to my readers to create more impressive designs and avoid blunders. Sharing the space for designs to breathe is very important, as the perfect use of whitespaces, typography, and color scheme. If you add a lot of colors just for the sake of Creativity, you're making a big blunder.

Wrapping Up | Creating The Creativity

And that's all for the day. Designing and visualizing a perfect book cover is very easy if you have the element of Creativity indulged with uniqueness. Suppose you wish to create designs that cannot be ignored, research and explore what people are doing. The world is full of Creativity, and people with a unique mindset strive to tailor flawless, unforgettable, and robust solutions. Give your ideas live with the perfect blend of colors, and add them to your designs for an ideal feel. What else do you require? If you have any questions about the blog, feel free to share in the comments section.

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